Also released: version 9.2029 of the Jira integration with a fix for bug #7196: Portfolio for JIRA" causes getIssue : class java.lang.ClassCastException : java.util.Date cannot be cast to java.sql.Timestamp


The Hansoft 9.2104 server is compatible with shares from versions 9.2046 and higher.

New features

Copy columns settings to item details and bug item details settings
This is a new button in the "Edit preset" dialog. While working in the "Item Details" or "Bug Item Details" tabs, this button copies the selected columns and column order from the "Columns tab".

Include item link when exporting a dashboard item view to XLS
When exporting an item view in Dashboards to XLS, a clickable link to the item is now included as a separate column.

Fixed issues

# 7180Client crash if you have at least one custom multi-line text column and at least one sprint, and attempt to create an agile item while a scheduled task is selectedSeverity B
# 7026Estimated days is not available as a mandatory field in workflowsSeverity C
# 7178The "Scheduled - Overdue" find condition in drop down only returns assigned tasksSeverity C
# 7156If the Find window is open when you launch Hansoft, the "Close Find" button will be mislabelled "Find"Severity D