Bug Fixes

#1052741 * ** *** Upgraded OpenSSL library from 1.0.1i to 1.0.1m to address possible vulnerabilities: CVE-2015-0287, CVE-2015-0293, and CVE-2015-0288

#1052684 (Bug #71835,#78682) ** The Windows server using an SSL port can crash during 'p4 admin restart'.

#1047572 (Bug #78444) ** The replica-specific table db.user.rp is now journaled. This means that the table data will appear in checkpoints, journals and dumps. The replica pull thread automatically filters out all db.user.rp records from its P4TARGET server, which is normally the desired behavior, since records in this table are unique to each replica's activity. However, for maintaining warm standby replicas of other replicas, you can set rpl.replay.userrp=1 for the standby replica to disable the filtering and replicate db.user.rp data.

#1045565 (Bug #78497) ** Promoting a shelf, then subsequently deleting it, using the same network connection to the Edge Server could fail to properly delete the shelf.