Bug Fixes

#1144401 (Bug #79490) ** In configurations with a large number of replicas, commands such as 'p4 populate' and 'p4 tag' operating over a very large number of files could result in excessive system CPU on the machine where the master server is running. The excessive system CPU has been eliminated.

#1127279 (Bug #79353) ** A 'sync --parallel' command which sync'd any files of type 'binary' would write an incorrect value for the 'type' field of the db.have record for the binary file(s). This could cause problems later when integrating changes into these files from other branches. Any workspaces potentially affected by this bug should be sync'd to revision #0 and then re-sync'd for all files of type binary at their convenience in order to rewrite the db.have records.

#1065376 (Bug #77360) ** In a distributed configuration, the 'edit -n' and 'delete -n' commands for a file of type +l might incorrectly report that the file was opened by another user, though it was not.

#1061333 (Bugs #78830,#78915) ** A replica with rpl.checksum.change set to 2 or higher might incorrectly write its own journal file under conditions of high concurrency on the master, resulting in incorrect behavior and problems with replicas of this replica.

#1059769 (Bug #78855) * ** 'p4 sync --parallel' now works with certain custom licenses.

#1058500 (Bug #78785) ** If a replica with rpl.checksum.change set to 2 or higher encountered an internal error processing a changelist checksum note, it would halt replication. Now, it logs the error but resumes replication.