Bug Fixes

#882067 (Bug #73412) ** Replication can be halted due to lock-order issues when the configurable rpl.checksum.change is set to a value of 2 or more. This problem can only happen if the master server and the replica server are both running in lockless mode and if two concurrent submits (one with integration history) interleave transactions.

#880506 (Bug #71725) ** The istat.mimic.ichanges configurable controls the reporting of revisions between stream and parent. If set, istat will not report cherry-picked revisions already present in the target. The default behavior will report any changes not credited, even when the content may already be in the target.

#877872 (Bug #73313) ** An 'annotate', 'diff', 'diff2', 'describe', or 'resolve' command which used the '-db' or '-dw' flags could crash if one of the file revisions processed by the command was exactly 65,536 bytes in size.