Bug Fixes

#1142007 (Bug #79341) ** Since change 1017756, in a Commit/Edge configuration, when 'p4 shelve -d' deleted a promoted shelf, the fix records for jobs which were attached to the pending changelist were incorrectly removed.

#1140112 (Bug #71839) ** When 'p4 shelve -d -c NNN' was used on an Edge Server to delete a promoted shelf, an error message 'Change NNN unknown' was incorrectly reported in the Edge Server log.

#1130584 (Bug #79238) ** Searches for rename history when integrating renamed files will now stop once a common ancestor has been found.

#1128864 (Bugs #70118,#70738) ** Windows servers using the serverlog.maxmb setting will no longer generate duplicate server log files when rotation occurs under heavy load. As a result of this change, server lockfiles under the 'server.locks/meta' subdirectory are no longer stored in numbered subdirectories, so the lockfiles will be named 'server.locks/meta/db', 'server.locks/meta/journal', etc.

#1128635 (Bug #79104) ** Since change 616010, the 'p4 sync' and 'p4 integrate' commands have been enforcing the MaxResults limit, if set, on the size of the intermediate results of the sync or integrate command, which could in some situations mean that the user's MaxResults setting had to be large enough to contain their entire have list. Now the MaxResults limit is enforced only on the size of the final results of the sync or integrate command.

#1127296 (Bug #79353) ** A 'sync --parallel' command which sync'd any files of type 'binary' would write an incorrect value for the 'type' field of the db.have record for the binary file(s). This could cause problems later when integrating changes into these files from other branches. Any workspaces potentially affected by this bug should be sync'd to revision #0 and then re-sync'd for all files of type binary at their convenience in order to rewrite the db.have records.

#1126925 (Bug #79178) ** A new configuration parameter 'rejectList' has been added to reject certain application/version combinations from the server. For example to reject the 2014.2 version of P4EXP: configure set "rejectList=P4EXP,version=2014.2,Operating System"