Bug Fixes

#1459845 (Bug #89040) * 'p4 print -o <a filename in the os temp directory>' will now work even if a P4CLIENTPATH is set or the DVCS P4INITROOT is set. This is a new exception to the P4CLIENTPATH feature.

#1458557 (Bug #89052) ** A forwarding replica with lbr.replication=shared will no longer attempt to update the (shared) archive area during the file transfer phase of a forwarded 'p4 submit'. The cache-on-submit behavior is still present for forwarding replicas with lbr.replication set to either readonly or cache.

#1455848 (Bug #88980) ** In replica chaining configurations, replicas which were not directly connected to the master server were not processing archive deletion operations arising from operations such as submission of a binary+S file, deletion of a shelf, obliteration, archive depot operations or retype +l commands.