Major Enhancements

#982485 (Bug #76736) Swarm is now distributed under a BSD-style two-clause license.

#965185 (Bug #76239) Performance has been significantly improved for sites with a large number of protections entries. This should be particularly noticeable when browsing files.

#905488, #962547 (Bug #73830) Added options to disable sending emails to all project members for commits and new review requests. The project edit page now has two checkboxes that can control project notification emails.

Minor Enhancements

#986364 (Bug #76961) Added 'apiVersions' to the output of the 'version' endpoint. This field includes a list of all of the api versions supported by the instance of Swarm (e.g. 1, 1.1).

#970399 (Bug #70284) It is now possible to limit the range of changes shown on the history tab to a specific range using change numbers, dates, labels, etc.

#968015 (Bug #66742) Project creation can be limited to only users under specific group(s) by setting 'add_project_groups' under the 'security' config. This feature is disabled by default.

#967909 (Bug #76291) Swarm can now be configured to leave reviews in an approved state even if they are updated with modified files. By default, reviews will still revert to 'needs review' when they are updated with modified files. To have reviews stay approved even when modified files are added set 'unapprove_modified' to false under the 'reviews' configuration.

#965024 (Bug #74656) It is now possible to specify required reviewers when creating reviews via the API.

Bug Fixes

#986536 (Bug #76569) Fixed a problem where buttons did not always disable properly when submitted. This only affected some browsers and appeared to be caused by a race condition between the click and blur events.

#985713 (Bug #76963) Fixed an issue with our icon sprites. Previously when scaling up your browser view, some icons would erroneously show pixels from adjacent icons. Now the sprites have generous spacing to avoid this issue.

#972442 (Bug #76382) Fixed an issue where the submit button on the "Add a Commit" and "Already Committed" dialogs could erroneously stay disabled after a change had been selected.

#968046, #969029 (Bug #74760) When emulating IP protections, enabled by default, Swarm will now correctly treat protection entries as as case-insensitive when dealing with a case-insensitive Perforce server.

#968037 (Bug #75488) Fixed an issue where @mentioned and @*mentioned users were not added as reviewers when creating a review using the API.

#967896, #967998 (Bug #73701) Fixed an issue where committing to a streams depot via the Swarm web interface could erroneously report 'No files to submit'.

#950565 (Bug #72392) Fixed an issue where LibreOffice could become unresponsive. Generating doc previews should now be significantly more reliable.

#939315 (Bug #74463) When a 'strict' or 'enforce' Swarm trigger fails due to bad credentials, include the active P4PORT setting in the error message to help diagnose problems more easily.

#933049, #933477 (Bug #74860) Updating an approved review with unchanged ktext files will no longer cause it to erroneously revert to the needs review state. Note, this fix only works when operating against a 2012.2 or newer Perforce server.

#898943 (Bug #72908) Fixed an issue where the horizontal scrollbar could disappear if a collapsed file toggled between side-by-side and inline diff.

#897986 (Bug #66554) Fixed an issue where logging in to comment on the left hand side of a side-by-side diff would collapse the comment row.