Major Enhancements

#1071421, #1203684, #1204593, #1206600, #1207516, #1207537 (Bug #64896) Comments are now editable. If you are logged in as the user that authored a comment, you will now see an 'Edit' link in the comment footer. Clicking this link presents an in-place edit form that allows modification of the comment body and attachments.

#1206282, #1207388 (Bugs #79595, #79596) Added localizations for Simplified Chinese and Korean. Incoming JA, KO, and ZH-CN localizations from AlphaCRC, along with changes to the assembleLocaleData.php script to process the new languages.

#1100113, #1205196, #1206305, #1206658, #1331177 (Bugs #70714, #79174) Added support for multi-site deployments. Swarm is now compatible with edge and commit servers. Use of the new Perl-based trigger is required.

#1099584, #1101368 (Bugs #75355, #75653, #76342, #77572) Added a new version of the Swarm trigger implemented in Perl. The usage of this trigger is compatible with the existing bash trigger. The new version of the trigger adds support for edge servers and fixes a bug with the strict enforcement mode and ktext files.

Minor Enhancements

#1212292 (Bug #80033) Updated the Swarm trigger package to use the new Perl trigger.

#1207511 (Bug #79934) Changed the subject for change submit email notifications from 'Change @54321' to 'Commit @54321'.

#1206503, #1207071 (Bug #78167) IP protections emulation now includes proxy rules. Previously, proxy rules were not taken into account. Now, we treat Swarm as an intermediary and apply proxy rules according to the end user's IP address.

#1206494 (Bug #78996) Added an option to limit configuration of project branches to admin users. With the projects > edit_branches_admin_only option set to true, only admins are able to configure branches.

#1205521, #1205762 (Bug #72454) We now list jobs and changed files in review email notifications.

#1204727, #1207016 (Bugs #78995, #78996) Added an option to limit editing project names to admin users. With the projects > edit_name_admin_only option set to true, only admins are able to rename projects.

#1202977 (Bug #79396) Added an option to the Swarm trigger to skip the enforce and strict checks if the change only contains files of the specified type(s). File types to skip can be specified via the EXEMPT_EXTENSIONS config option.

#1202975 (Bug #79609) Moderators now receive email notification for commits and reviews against branches they moderate even if they are not members of the affected projects.

#1198459, #1198806, #1206279 (Bug #79295) Refreshed the login page. Added a nice background image of some fine folks having coffee and doing important creative work.

#1197879, #1197890, #1198475 (Bug #66465) Moved the project edit button to the project toolbar and renamed it to 'Settings'. Tweaked the project form to render with the project toolbar and sidebar when editing.

#1171636 (Bug #70542) Swarm now generates host-unlocked tickets on login. This is needed to integrate with other Perforce services like p4-search.

#1171629 (Bug #79944) Tweaked line hash handling (ie. #l123) to position the targeted line 1/4 of the way down the page. Previously it was positioned 100px down the page which often felt too high.

#1149485 (Bug #78994) Added an option to the Swarm trigger to skip the enforce and strict checks if the change contains more than a given number of files. The number of files can be specified via the new EXEMPT_FILE_COUNT config option.

#1126994, #1144472, #1206760 (Bug #79386) Fixed a performance problem that could occur with large numbers of users, groups and projects. With 5000 users, 5000 groups and 500 projects load times for the project listing have been reduced by >20x.

#1099546, #1100888, #1101371, #1101414 (Bug #79315) Simplified the email notification template. The revised template eliminates the grey border and reduces margins.

#1072284, #1197886 (Bug #79214) Renamed the 'History' tab and 'History' links to 'Commits'.

#1071674, #1073354 (Bug #79203) Comment counts now reflect the number of open (non-archived) comments. Hovering over the number of comments shows the number of archived comments. Previously we only showed the total number of comments for a given topic.

#1069597 (Bug #79182) Improved the visibility of 'more context' rows. We now render a horizontal grey line help delineate diff chunks.

#1068547, #1209330 (Bug #73003) Updated rules for review transitions to optionally deny authors approving their own reviews. If the reviews > disable_self_approve option is true, then authors are not able to approve their own reviews (even if they are also moderators).

#1067114 (Bug #76362) Imagick module now converts ".tif" files. Previously, only the ".tiff" extension was recognized.

Bug Fixes

#1214397 (Bug #80087) Fixed a problem where Swarm could continuously reload a review if it had unexpected commit-status data (due to a race condition).

#1208398 (Bug #76535) Fixed a bug where OVA setup script did not work with SSL enabled Perforce servers.

#1207465 (Bug #79269) Fixed a bug where our handling of Emojis was not compatible with newer versions of Gemoji.

#1207464 (Bug #79856) Fixed a bug where some of our 'infinitely scrolling' lists were not loading more items. At some zoom levels Chrome reported a lower than expected scroll position. This caused our code to conclude the user had not reached the bottom of the page. Now we consider the user to have scrolled to the bottom if they are within a couple of pixels.

#1206727 (Bug #79800) Fixed a bug where attempting to archive a specific version of a file resulted in a 500 error.

#1205188 (Bug #79945) Fixed an issue where the project save button could be erroneously enabled if a project name is entered and user data has not yet loaded (despite having no project members).

#1152722, #1205188 (Bug #79945) Fixed a bug where the project save button could be enabled when it should be disabled. Specifically, this could occur when the list of users had not yet loaded, or while waiting to redirect to a newly created or updated project page.

#1066846 (Bugs #74987, #76629) Fixed a bug where file and directory names could be missing characters if they contained non-ascii bytes and the web-server was using to a non-UTF-8 locale. We now detect the available system locales and explicitly select one that supports UTF-8.

#1065005 (Bug #78165) Fixed a bug where notification emails were not threading properly in Microsoft Outlook. Outlook uses a non-standard 'Thread-Index' header to group 'conversations' and Swarm was not sending this header.