Major Enhancements

#723901 (Bug #18191) A rich comparison of Microsoft Word (.docx) files is available from P4V/P4Merge through the P4Combine Web Service. After the Perforce administrator sets the "P4.Combine.URL" server property to the P4Combine Web Service URL, P4V will display a rich compare of .docx files in a P4Merge window, showing differences for text, images, formats, styles, tables, header/footers and many other objects.

There are two .docx compare modes: "Parent-Child" and "Siblings". "Parent-Child" mode is used to show how a file has changed since its most recent state. This mode is set when users do a "Diff against revision/source/have" Ctrl-D action. "Siblings" mode is used when there is no direct relationship between the files being compared; it is set, for example, when dragging and dropping .docx files.

P4Combine is installed as part of a Perforce Commons installation. For information on how to install and setup the P4Combine Web Service see the Commons Administrator's Guide:

Minor Enhancements

#712285 (Bug #44815) ** For 2011.1 servers and later there is now a checkbox option to run 'safe sync'. This will check writeable files for content changes before sync'ing in order to prevent lost work.

#711984 (Bug #65294) A new Streams preference lets you choose what action to take when the workspace icon is dragged from one stream to another. Previously P4V would always re-associate the workspace to the stream it was dropped on. Now, when dragging the workspace icon to a new stream, you can reuse the current workspace (that is, re-associate or re-purpose it) or use a different workspace. The Streams preferences "Use the same workspace and switch it between streams" and "Use a different workspace for each stream" were collapsed into one new preference, "When clicking 'Work in this Stream'". In this case, you can reuse the current workspace (that is, re-associate or re-purpose it) or use a different workspace.

#695549 (Bug #64477, #69149) A new "Shelved" option in the drop down choices for "Diff Against..." will diff shelved files in a pending changelist against workspace files or head or have revisions.

#693708 (Bug #68198) Can now horizontally scroll in Revision Graph with a mouse that supports horizontal scrolling.

#692793 (Bug #67998) The Description dialog for moving files into another pending changelist remembers its size and position.

#692029 (Bug #67582) A new Streams preference, "Do not warn when checking out, adding, or deleting imported files", lets you choose whether to generate warnings or not, and choose whether to act on imported files, or ignore these actions for imported files. Now users have the option to have P4V prompt every time, always check out all files, or only check out selected non-imported files.

#691964 (Bug #61407) Added context menu to "Get these revisions" on a submitted changelist which will sync the files in the changelist to the specified change.

#691863 (Bug #43222) The Goto dialog no longer has separate options for Pending Changelist and Submitted Changelist. There is simply a 'Changelist' option and P4V determines whether it's pending or submitted.

#691408 (Bug #44492) Added "Show in" option for shelved file objects.

#690874 (Bug #66974) A new Streams preference, "Show pending stream-to-stream merge and copy hints", turns off global istats in the stream graph. Disabling global istats will potentially improve perfomance. There is also a new server property, "P4V.Performance.AllowFullIstats", that an admin can set in order to centrally push the preference setting. 'On' is the default value for "P4V.Performance.AllowFullIstats", and 'off' will disable global istats in the graph. Users can still single-select a stream in the graph and refresh the stream to run the istat for that stream and get the copy/merge flow information.

Bug Fixes

#759428 (Bug #70332) ** 2013.2 or later servers added the ability to detect renamed files as part of Reconciling Offline Work. P4V now correctly identifies this condition and adds the move/add and deletes the move/delete. As long as no files are unchecked in the reconcile dialog, the files will be opened for move/add and move/delete. If anything is unchecked, even files not relating to the rename action, the files will be opened for add and delete instead.

#756069 (Bug #70292) ** The ability to unshelve files from another branch (2013.1 server) now works as long as the branch mapping maps the file.

#747249 (Bug #36729, #39085) Pending changelist icons and context menus update correctly when the resolve status changes for a file in the changelist.

#738971 (Bug #69659) When filtering by selected changelists in the Merge dialog, P4V properly integrates the changes in ascending order.

#738906 (Bug #69629) When selecting "Get Revision..." from the History view, P4V correctly uses the currently selected folder instead of the individual files in the submitted changelist.

#736470 (Bug #69514) Stream graph remembers what streams you have filtered by when refreshing the graph.

#734681 (Bug #69508) The message about what server version(s) P4V supports is now properly in sync with the server version being used.

#729064 (Bug #68156) Non-super users in a group-owned stream can now edit the stream.

#728435 (Bug #68712) ** Baseless integration (p4 integ -i) is built into the 2013.2 integration engine. P4V hides the -i flag checkbox from merge options when talking to 2013.2 or later servers.

#724078 (Bug #67404) P4V handles files with multiple spaces in the filename.

#722279 (Bug #69177) Files opened for add, move/add, branch and import in shelves can be diffed normally.

#722134 (Bug #69379) P4V correctly omits revision number for shelved files opened for add, move/add, branch and import.

#721364 (Bug #69341) The Dashboard correctly reports workspace files needing sync when import or purged files are mapped in the workspace.

#721059 (Bug #69340) Preferences for the integrate dialogs (Merge/Copy/Branch) could get confused when different languages are used on the same machine. Preferences saved using one language are honored when the language is switched.

#720504 (Bug #69327) "Automatically get all revisions" works after editing a workspace.

#718020 (Bug #69128) Move/add files doesn't show have/head revision information.

#717776 (Bug #66908) Auto-submitting an integrate that involves a moved file no longer fails, leaving half the move in the default pending changelist and the rest in a numbered changelist.

#716245 (Bug #61398) P4V honors a form-out trigger that alters a changelist description everywhere the user picks 'new' as the changelist to use.

#712968 (Bug #48330) Drag and drop diffing of files which are opened for add works.

#707306 (Bug #55690) The "Diff against Previous" shortcut works on revision objects in Folder Diff.

#705838 (Bug #63944) The "Change Filetype" makes the default changelist the changelist the files already exist in, rather than 'new'.

#705599 (Bug #63843) P4V can (re)create a stream that was deleted outside of P4V.

#703817 (Bug #66275) P4V updates the list of files in a label (in the revision details pane) while files are being added to or deleted from the label.

#703352 (Bug #60360, #50864) The Pending Changelist tab now honors the preference for number of forms to fetch rather than being unlimited. Also removed the default changelist for other users from the display; only numbered pending changelists for other users are shown. This also fixed a number of refresh-related issues in the Pending Changelist tab.

#702112 (Bug #61737) The Workspace dialog no longer appears when a form-out trigger fails.

#701297 (Bug #62324, #64812) There are problems using hardware rendering with Revision Graph on some Windows systems. To avoid confusion, the default preference on Windows is now to use high-quality software rendering instead of hardware rendering. This does not fix the problems associated with hardware rendering, but for most, software rendering is as good, and doesn't suffer the same issues associated with hardware rendering.

#693482 (Bug #68003) Integrate dialogs properly handle the "invalid parent" error when integrating using streams that aren't compatible.

#693014 (Bug #68064) Clicking the resolve buttons before the resolve has completed will no longer cause a crash.

#689839 (Bug #61840) Shortcuts work properly when more than one Time-lapse View window is open. #689361 (Bug #53589) Integration dialogs no longer resize strangely between launches.

#688437 (Bug #66941) Fixed hang when attempting to edit a pending changelist while files in that change are being sync'ed.

#688345 (Bug #65702) Added "Remove from changelist" to jobs in the Pending Changelist dialog. #688247 (Bug #55690) Shortcut keys consistently work in Folder Diff.