Bug Fixes

#795765 (Bug #71174) Pending changelist files correctly update and show after shelving files with the Shelve dialog.

#790345 (Bug #71178) Pending changelist icons correctly update when the resolve status changes for a file in the changelist and the Pending changlist tab is not visible or when files were not listed due to maximum number of files to display being reached.

#790161 (Bug #70496) Fixed losing user's pending change description when saving a pending change instead of directly submitting when a form-out trigger which alters the change description is present.

#789206 (Bug #70806) Fixed condition in the shelve dialog which could cause the shelve button to become enabled before the full operation was done. If the revert files after shelve checkbox was checked in this circumstance, and the shelve button was clicked again before the revert finished, it could cause a re-shelve of the now reverted files, resulting in data loss.