Bug Fixes

#881076 (Bug #73410) Invoking p4vc with japanese extended character now works correctly when calling Revision Graph and Timelapse view.

#881076 (Bug #73410) p4vc command line arguments for charset -C and -Q are now correctly recognized.

#872614 (Bug #71967, #72654, #73526) Fixed problem where pending changelists would fail to update properly. This could result in the submit dialog not correctly representing the files in the changelist which could result in a data loss. The change would also not reflect resolved files, or re-opened files properly.

#826022 (Bug #72111) ** When users select "Don't shelve unchanged files" the log message was incorrectly saying that all files were shelved, even though they were not. Now we list which files were shelved and which were not shelved because they were unchanged.