Steve Feloney

Steve Feloney

Vice President of Products, Perforce

Stephen Feloney is the Vice President of Products at Perforce. Prior to this role, for the last 11 years, Stephen has been in Product Management, focused on enterprise software, at various companies spanning from the very large, like HP, to startups. Before product management, Stephen spent 12+ years a software engineer. Stephen holds a BS in Computer Engineering from Santa Clara University.

Jim Duggar.

Jim Duggar

SAP Market Consultant, Worksoft

Jim Duggar has been in the software & technology industry for more than 3 decades, with experience in software development, testing, product management and product marketing.  For the last 11 years, Jim has focused on the SAP ecosystem, and is a regular speaker and contributor to the SAP community on DevOps, SAP Change, SAP Technical Operations and SAP Market topics.