CISOs in charge of technology stacks are increasingly worried about cyber security. Their job is to protect the company against an ever changing and resourceful threat that includes email fraud, insider threats, account compromise, and DDoS attacks. How do you approach such a daunting task? There is no silver bullet for this problem, but small steps can help secure applications to make your company, your infrastructure, and your customers less likely to be targets of attacks that often exploit the simplest of errors in networks and applications.

Join SourcePro Product Manager Ben Gomez, SourcePro Software Architect David Haney, Perforce’s Chief Information Security Officer Christopher Gerg, and Sales Engineer Steve Howard, as they discuss improving application security through CI/CD, processes, and best practices.

They will explain:

  • Software supply chain
  • Understanding vulnerabilities
  • Trends in vulnerability prevention
  • Tools to help you secure your code
  • Defense in-depth
  • And more!