Getting Started with Hansoft

Migrate from Jira to Hansoft

Jira Migration to Hansoft: a readymade synch where you can automatically move over all workflows, attachments and data fields related to issues from Jira Server.
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Tutorial Video My Personal Options

My Personal Options

This short video demonstrates the personal or individual options in Hansoft.
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Tutorial Video Execute the sprint

Execute the Sprint

This video will show you how to execute your sprint in Hansoft. Topics covered are: - User stories task breakdown - Work estimates on tasks - Sprint task prioritization - Copying tasks - Task assignment - Sprint burndown - To...
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Tutorial Video Prepare your first sprint

Prepare Your First Sprint

This video will help you prepare your first sprint. Topics covered are: - How the backlog and planning view work together - Create a sprint - Assign people to a sprint - Backlog user stories prioritization for sprint planning -...
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Tutorial Video Plan your first release

Plan Your First Release

This video will help you plan your first release. Topics covered are: - The definition of a release - Introduction to the timeline view - User stories and sprint assignment to releases
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Tutorial Video Install and Setup for Large Teams

Install and Setup for Large Teams

This video will go through: - The Hansoft client and server prerequisite and installation - Project backup schedule - Project creation - Users creation and project assignment - Projects customization overview
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