Login to the GitSwarm web interface to manage and collaborate on Git repos while mirroring operations in Helix. Take an in-depth look at installing and configuring Git Fusion to connect your Git and Perforce users together seamlessly. User authentication, permissions and repo setup are covered.

Git Workflows with GitSwarm and Git Fusion

Tutorial Video GitSwarm Overview

GitSwarm Overview

Setup an account in GitSwarm. Create a new project, import a remote repo and invite other team members. Edit and diff a file, commit it on a new branch, and perform a merge request.
Tutorial Video GitSwarm Narrow Cloning

GitSwarm Narrow Cloning

Clone one folder of large project into one repo. Add a second folder from another branch. Make edit in GitSwarm and review change mirrored in Helix.
Tutorial Video Git Fusion SSH Authentication

Git Fusion SSH Authentication

Set up SSH authentication to access Git Fusion. Generate SSH key pair, create a workspace for all keys, check the public key into Perforce, and copy it to the Git Fusion server.
Tutorial Video Git Fusion Repos

Git Fusion Repos

Set up Git repos using configuration files to map relevant portions of the Perforce depot. Use global and repo-specific config files to set up permissions and branches.
Tutorial Video Git Fusion Permissions

Git Fusion Permissions

Review different user roles. Map Git users to Perforce accounts, iterate thought permission layers, and add to permissions group. Pull files and push new versions back into Git repo.
Tutorial Video Git Fusion OVA Install

Git Fusion OVA Install

Download the Git Fusion OVA and import it into your VM application. Create the required accounts for administration, login as a user, and perform a Git clone on the sample data to verify operation.