Learn how to use Helix streams to manage your code and related objects. Set up a containerized approach with rules you define to simplify integration between branches and manage risk.

Tutorial Video Using Streams for Codeline Management

Using Streams for Codeline Management

Construct and modify a development model and workflow using Streams. Create different streams for development and release, and control the flow of change between each as required.
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Tutorial Video Using Virtual Streams

Using Virtual Streams

Learn how to restrict your workspace view in Streams by creating virtual streams. Virtual streams allow you to work in a narrower subset of files.
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Tutorial Video Visualizing Streams

Visualizing Streams

Using Perforce Streams, you can quickly and easily visualize your project's architecture and see the status of changes being propagated across streams.
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Tutorial Video Perforce Streams Quickstart

Perforce Streams Quickstart

Use streams to quickly visualize and manage the flow of changes between codelines. Employ a simple "merge down copy up" workflow and easily configure and manage workspaces.
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Tutorial Video Switching Streams Workspaces

Switching Streams Workspaces

Explains context switching in streams. Provides advice about when to use a single workspace for multiple streams and when to use a new workspace for each stream.
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Tutorial Video Streams Overview

Streams Overview

Take a tour of the principal components of streams and how they provide "branches with brains".
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Tutorial Video Reparenting Streams

Reparenting Streams

Change your stream hierarchy as your codeline evolves. Use the built-in integration logic to perform integrations.
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Tutorial Video Mainline Model with Tofu Scale

Mainline Model with Tofu Scale

Use the Tofu scale to manage code stability and enforce policy of code propagation between streams in different states of readiness.
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