Hi, my name is Gerhard Krüger. And today we're going to be taking a look at using calculated fields in Helix ALM (formerly TestTrack), specifically creating a workflow event count field.

So, once you log into Helix ALM, the first thing that you'll need to do is to go to the tools admin menu and go to custom fields. Now inside of custom fields, we'll select the “Add” button to create a new custom field. We'll need to enter a field name, a long label, as well as a field code for our new custom field we're creating. This is very important: we'll select calculated from the field type drop-down list. Once we select this, we’ll need to select the output type as numeric. There are various other options which we'll cover in other posts.

Next, we'll hit the “Edit” button to edit our formula. In this case, we're going to insert a new function. Now from the category list, we'll select the item events option. Once we select this, we can simply pick “Count”, and then we'll need to select the workflow event that we would like to count. So, every time this workflow event is executed, that'll increase the count by one. I'm going to select the “Insert” button to insert the formula and click on “OK” to save our custom field.

Now, once we click on “OK” in our custom fields dialogue, we can select the “Calculation” option, which is to either recalculate the fields now or recalculate them at the scheduled time. In this case, I'm going to recalculate them now because our project is fairly small. Now once we've done this, the system will go ahead and calculate the field.

I'm now going to insert a column, and inside this column, I'm going to add the new custom field called fix count. As you can see, we have a couple of ones and a couple of zeros in there. Now I'm going to select an issue from our issue list, then I'm going to execute the fixed event again so we can see if our calculated field will increment by one. So, I'm going to fill in the fixed event field and select the “OK” button to execute the event. We can now see that our fix count has incremented by one, and on this particular issue, the fixed event has been executed twice.

I'm going to view my issue, and go to the workflow tab, and I'm going to view my workflow using the diagram interface. This will show us that the workflow event, specifically in the fixed state, has been executed twice, as well.

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