Hi, my name is Andy Horner and today I'm going to show you how to create an issue from a failed test run in Helix ALM (formerly TestTrack). The ability to create an issue from a failed test run means that testers can quickly and easily log issues for development while spending more time testing and less time documenting issues. To show you how this process works, I'm going to edit one of my existing test runs. First, I'm going to mark this test is in progress, letting the other testers know that I am working on this test.  

To begin the test, I am going to click on step one. The first step passed so I am going to mark this step as passed and click on to the next step. And at step two I am going to mark the step as failed and add a problem statement. When adding problem statements, it's important to be as detailed as possible so your developers are able to easily identify where the problem is. Once you have added the area information into Helix ALM, you can easily create a documented issue directly from the failed test run. As the issue is created, all of the important details about the test run are mapped to the new issue. This includes the summary of the issue, the description, as well as the steps to reproduce and the problem statement that was added during the testing.  

As the tester, I can add any other details that I need to before saving the issue. A link will be created between the test run and the issue. The issue will also automatically get assigned to my development team and I will be notified when this issue is ready for retesting. At this point, I can also mark my test run as failed and save the results. We can now go to our issue list and see the new issue that was created.

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