The software team at Luna was tired of unnecessary meetings, long lead times, and missed deadlines.

Rikard, the product owner, wanted leaner product delivery, smaller backlogs, and smarter decision-making to impress stakeholders. The development team wanted a fun, easy tool that lets them work their way. All of them want to do more and better work in less time.

So, they downloaded Hansoft to plan, track, and manage progress of their upcoming Top Secret Device. First step, build their Minimum Viable Product.

Now, let’s walk through creating an Agile scrum project in Hansoft 10. By the end of this video, you’ll be ready for your first sprint!

If you don’t have Hansoft, download it from the Hansoft product page on Once you have Hansoft downloaded and installed, it’s time to create your project.

To create a new project, go to Admin tab, and click “Projects”. Click “Create New”.  Name your project, select “Use Agile”, and leave everything else as it is.

It’s time to build your team. Add team members and assign yourself as the Main Manager.

Next create your backlog. Select your recently named project from the project drop-down list. Click on Product backlog at the top left. Add items, structure, and prioritize with the click of your mouse. You can create custom columns. And even delegate items to other team members to break down for you.

Now, let’s define our first sprint. Go to the Planning view. Click “New sprint”. Name your sprint, we’ll name ours “Minimum Viable Product”. Define sprint start time, end time, and duration by clicking and dragging the Sprint bar.

You have a backlog of work items. And an empty sprint ready to receive them. Now it’s time to commit those items to your sprint. Return to your Product backlog view. Double-click the “Committed to…” column of any item you want to add to your sprint, and add it. Once you’re done, return to the Planning view.

Your sprint items are ready. They just need your team. In Planning view, double-click “Assigned to” to assign an item to a team member.  You can also assign priority level by double clicking on “Sprint priority”. Add detail using the comment box or include attachments.

The To-Do list is where team members collaborate and update progress. Use the To-Do List to update work remaining. Change item status to communicate progress or issues. And collaborate using the built-in chat.

You’re done! Setting up and completing a scrum project in Hansoft 10 is extremely simple. Of course, Hansoft is easily customized. You can scale scrum to many teams, or combine scrum with Kanban boards for better workflows. If you need to manage hard dependencies, Gantt charts are another option.

Want to learn more about using Hansoft? Visit our Knowledgebase for more resources.