In partnership with Perforce, Polelink hosted a webinar about the importance of MISRA C++:2023 in automotive software development.

In the webinar, Perforce’s Director of Compliance, Jill Britton, explains that while there have been significant global and economic shifts in the automotive industry, some things remain consistent:

  • C and C++ are still the most commonly used programming languages in automotive software. 
  • ISO 26262 remains an important functional safety requirement. 
  • MISRA C and C++ are necessary to fulfill ISO 26262.

To help automotive professionals understand why the recent introduction of MISRA C++:2023 is so significant, Jill presents findings from Perforce’s 2024 State of Automotive Software Development Report — with a focus on China.

The webinar includes:

  • Automotive Report overview.
  • ISO 26262 compliance requirements and ASIL levels.
  • How MISRA C++:2023 helps accelerate automotive development.

Watch the webinar on-demand!