November 14, 2013

P4VS Now Supports Visual Studio 2013


Microsoft officially launched Visual Studio 2013 on November 13 and we are happy to be one of the Visual Studio Industry Partners to participate in the Sim-Ship of Visual Studio 2013 with our own Perforce Plugin for Visual Studio, P4VS 2013.3. This is the second Visual Studio Sim-Ship event we have participated in, having launched with the preview release of Visual Studio 2012 last year.

Microsoft has stepped up their release cadence with their Visual Studio products, releasing 2013 about a year after 2012. This is the first time they’ve had a major release so soon after the previous one. We, too, have been on a bit of a rapid release track with P4VS since its initial release in July of 2012. Since then, we’ve put out five major releases supporting Visual Studio 2008 and up. We work directly with Visual Studio developers to ensure our source control extension plays nice with their latest releases.

One feature of note in P4VS 2013.3 is the Streams tool window. For those working in Perforce Streams, this tool window enables a much cleaner workflow with merges and copies. Status of pending work can be seen at a glance and merges or copies can be started directly from the tool window.

P4VS 2013.3 is a free download, available on the Perforce website as well as from the Microsoft Visual Studio Gallery. If you haven’t seen our plugin before, check out this Intro Video to see P4VS 2013.3 in action in Visual Studio 2013.