April 11, 2011

Register Now! Five Ways to Boost Enterprise Software Development Agility with Seapine ALM Webinar

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Helix ALM
Helix ALM
Mid-size and large organizations often find themselves constrained in adopting or scaling Agile practices by tools with limited quality and change management capabilities. These tools focus on strict Agile constructs, making it difficult for companies to meet existing quality and reporting needs without jeopardizing legacy projects. Seapine ALM combines Agile project management with quality-centric features that allows your organization to create its own flavor of Agile—without jeopardizing existing projects. Attend this 60-minute technical webinar and demonstration on April 13 or April 14 to learn how:
  • Transitioning to user stories doesn't mean abandoning requirements, but rather increases flexibility in communicating with customers, analysts, developers, and testers.
  • Testing and validation remain integral to the project when acceptance tests are linked to stories and requirements, with automated alerts if those artifacts change.
  • Test automation is easier when test cases, test runs, and associated test scripts are developed, maintained, and archived in a central location.
  • Seamless integration between user stories, tasks, issues, and code enables rapid releases and code refactoring.
  • Traceability from user need through associated stories, acceptance tests, issues, and code is the key to improving agility while meeting existing quality and reporting expectations.
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