April 13, 2011

Spirent Communications will present at 2011 User Conference

MERGE User Conference

The 2011 Perforce User Conference will be packed with more talks than ever before. Have you registered yet? Come and learn how your SCM can take you even further than you imagined! Here’s how one company responded to our presenter survey:

Marc Hornbeek, Spirent Communications (Spirent Communications will be among the 17 customer presenters)

Q: What motivates your talk?

I want to share my unique build verification method. It combines source code change information from Perforce with the software builds and automated test harness features in a platform-independent way to solve a serious problem that bottlenecks build testing in large-scale continuous integration and Agile environments.

Q: What are the top three take-aways?

  1. The Change-Driven method is a practical solution to the test bottleneck problem in large-scale continuous integration and Agile environments.
  2. The Change-Driven method is platform- and language-independent.
  3. You can learn how to implement the Change-Driven method at www.managecycle.com.

Q: How long have you been a Perforce fan?

Six years.

Q: What's your vision for innovation using Perforce?

Integrate all SCM systems into one seamless "smart" environment for dynamic management of smart source control, smart builds, smart build verification and intelligent release production based on dynamic source code changes analysis derived from Perforce.

Q: Where's the most far-flung Perforce user on your team?


Q: Lightning round: I say "Perforce", you say...

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