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Helix QAC tools (formerly PRQA) include QAC, QAC++, QA Verify, and the compliance modules (MISRA, AUTOSAR, CERT, CWE, HIC++, and JSF AV C++).

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See why Helix QAC is the best static code analysis tool for C/C++. 

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All Helix QAC tools require a license key for use. Contact sales if you need to purchase one, or if your existing key has expired.

To download a new version of any Helix QAC tool, request it from support. You'll receive an email from our team with download instructions.

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    Helix QAC

    Helix QAC (formerly QAC/QAC++ from PRQA) is the best static code analysis tool for C/C++. Learn why.