9am-1pm PDT

New to Helix ALM (formerly TestTrack)? Experienced user looking to fill in your knowledge gaps? Sign up for Helix ALM Administrator training.

The Helix ALM Administrator training class provides everything you need to learn the basics of administering Helix ALM. You’ll learn how to create projects, configure project options and workflows, manage users and security groups, configure automation rules, and more.


·     Configuring new projects

·     Configuring project options

·     Customizing fields

·     Managing users and customers

·     Managing security groups

·     Customizing Helix ALM workflows

·     Configuring automation rules

·     Managing data

·     Organizing items with folders

·     Creating and viewing built-in reports and live charts

·     Configuring dashboards

·     Managing audit trail

Discover the full flexibility and power of Helix ALM. Sign up for training today!

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