Agile at Scale

Tutorial Video Cleaning up the Product Backlog

Cleaning up the Product Backlog

In this video, you'll learn how to clean up a large product backlog, so it's fit for your Agile teams to pull their work from.
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Tutorial Video Pipelines and Workflows

Pipelines and Workflows

In this video we give you a brief introduction to pipelines and workflows in Hansoft. - The difference between pipelines and workflows. - How to setup a pipeline - How to connect a pipeline and a workflow
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Tutorial Video User View Presets

User View Presets

This video covers how to work with user view presets in Hansoft.
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Tutorial Video Prioritizing Epics

Prioritizing Epics

This video shows you how to prioritize epics in Hansoft. The following topics are covered: - Flag an item as an epic - Prioritize epics - Search for epics - Filter Epics in reports - Customize epic name
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Tutorial Video Delegation and Visibility

Delegation and Visibility

This video goes through the features delegation and limited visibility, showing how you can delegate responsibility in the project and also set up the project so that only parts are visible to, for example, external collaborators.
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Tutorial Video Scaling Agile

Scaling Agile

This video will show you how a large agile program can be set up and managed in Hansoft.
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