Work with Swarm to enable social coding in Helix. Use web interface to set up projects, comment on code, and check-in approved changes.

Tutorial Video Swarm P4V Integration

Swarm P4V Integration

Initiate and update Swarm code reviews from context menu in P4V. Find review number and visualize review status in Pending Changelist columns.
Helix Swarm
Tutorial Video Swarm Overview

Swarm Overview

Helix Swarm lets you collaborate and review code from a browser. Get a quick tour of the interface and learn how to conduct code reviews.
Helix Swarm
Tutorial Video Create a Swarm Review

Create a Swarm Review

Set up a pre-commit code review using P4V. Add specific users to review. Comment on whole review, individual files, or line of code. Vote on code readiness.
Helix Swarm
Tutorial Video Create a Project in Swarm

Create a Project in Swarm

Enter a name and description for your new project. Add members and include relevant branches or streams. Designate email notification behavior. Modify and delete your project.
Helix Swarm
Tutorial Video Collaborate on a Review in Swarm

Collaborate on a Review in Swarm

Find completion state of several reviews. Comment on code and ask for revision. Obtain a local copy of the review files, make change, and request review. Approve changes and submit to depot from Swarm.
Helix Swarm