OpsHub Integration
September 22, 2011

OpsHub Integration

Requirements Management

We’ve added an exciting new capability to the Helix ALM (formerly TestTrack) suite this year. You can now integrate Helix ALM with other solutions you may be using. This includes products such as IBM Rational Doors, IBM Rational Requisite Pro, Perforce, Subversion, and Microsoft TFS.

What Is OpsHub?

OpsHub is a leading vendor of ALM integration software. We’ve been working with them over the last few months to allow for full, two-way integration with Helix ALM and other tools, such as Doors.

OpsHub provides an integration server with standard ALM product adapters that monitor each system, looking for changes and keep each system in synch.

Example: Helix ALM and Doors Requirements Management

Let's say you are running both Helix RM and IBM Doors. The system can be configured to create a Helix RM requirement when a new requirement is added to Doors. As the development team updates that item in Helix RM (e.g. attaches code or marks the requirement as implemented), the Doors system gets updated too. This includes mapping data that might not be identical.

Why Integrate ALM Solutions?

Our customers that need to map and synchronize states across solutions. Some are looking at implementing a full Helix ALM solution, but need to keep using their legacy system as existing projects transition to the new environment.

In this case, some team members continue using the legacy system while the rest are using Helix ALM. They want to make sure everyone has access to updated information. 

Helix ALM also integrates with Jira. See how >

Another common scenario is when a group of users in an organization want to stay on their existing solution, but the remainder of the organization wants to move to Helix ALM.

For example, your project management office might be using Doors to create and manage requirements, but the development and QA team use Helix ALM for their artifacts.

In this case, OpsHub can be a permanent part of your installation, allowing everyone to work with the tool that best meets their role’s needs.

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