May 16, 2011

EMC will present at User Conference

MERGE User Conference

There are two weeks until the User Conference and we have another presenter interview for you. Hear what EMC's Yi Zhang has to say about the conference and his presentation, Branch Management and Atomic Merge in Continuous Integration Environment

Why we’re you motivated to speak on this topic?
I am motivated to speak this topic because I see enormous potential for Enterprise software companies to leverage auto-merge to boost productivity and quality. Many companies emphasized on Agile development and Continuous Integration without paying much attention to the basic branch and merge practice. Anarchic branching and merging always result in huge amount of confusion, frustration, and unnecessary work for development, QA, and virtually everyone in the product team. The importance of an efficient branching and merging practice is often neglected. In my opinion, it is essential to optimize merging and branching practice in order to succeed in an iterative development environment.

What are the top 3 take-aways from your talk?
1) An efficient branching and merging practice is essential to succeed in a continuous integration environment.
2) The coupling of auto-merge and defect-tracking automation can bring significant improvement in productivity and quality. I think companies who care about productivity and quality should consider implementing it if they haven't.
3) Implementing a new practice can be very difficult, it takes time, patience, and a great amount of ingenuities and efforts.

If you only had 1 tweet for your presentation, what would it be?
Want to effectively manage merges and fixes across numerous code lines? Join my talk on Branch Management and Atomic Merge in a Continuous Integration Environment.

How long have you been a Perforce fan?
4 years.

What's your vision for innovation using Perforce?
More powerful merge.