April 9, 2013

Spotlight on the Public Depot: Git Fusion Install Script

Git at Scale

git fusion logoPrior to hopping over to work on all things community related, my work life was managing the QA for many products including one of my favorites, Git Fusion. After working on Git Fusion day in and day out for months on end you can imagine I was pretty good at installing it. In QA we are fortunate enough to have continuous builds of the product bundled and installed in a fully functional VM, but I still tended to build my own from scratch to make sure the standard install process was functioning correctly.

While the OVA we provide makes it fast to get up and running, the fact of the matter is it doesn't meet everyones needs. For any number of  reasons an admin may choose to roll their own installation. Our admin guide does a great job of walking you through the whole installation process, but sometimes you just want a cheat sheet to get the system up and running in a hurry. You might be glad to know, I have such a cheat sheet.

I've taken those many hours of Git Fusion installation experence and distilled it down to a short bash script. I've tested the script with 12.04 LTS and 12.10, but I suspect it should work on most Debian variants. There's nothing fancy about the script, but it does sum up the locations of all the tools you'll need and all the packages they depend on. Even if you don't plan to run it, it's worth taking a look at just to see what all you'll need to grab for your installation.

The script is of course available in our Public Depot. If you make any changes you'd like to share with the community contact me at opensource@perforce.com so I can set you up with a Public Depot account.