June 12, 2015

Next Round of Online Training: Helix DVCS

Version Control

Perforce Helix Training

Back in March, we announced our new Helix platform which includes highly anticipated distributed version control (DVCS) capabilities. For some of you, hearing that we now offer DVCS may have been music to your ears. For others, it may have invoked curiosity and added another acronym to your lexicon.

Given the recent proliferation of Git-style workflows, we are seeing a lot of developers finding themselves working with their own private, local versioning repositories while collaborating with teammates via the new init/clone/pull/push command set. But did you know that you can now rewrite the history of changes in your personal repository before sharing them?

To help you come up to speed with Helix DVCS, we are pleased to announce the availability of a new instructor-led training course. The Helix DVCS course will take place online via Webex and will include hands-on lab exercises within our lab environment.

The class is taught by our expert Professional Services consultants who have a lot of experience advising customers. Topics on this new half-day course will include:

  • Why do you need DVCS?
  • Overview of DVCS architecture and workflows
  • Basic DVCS operations
  • How to perform initial setup
  • Working with multiple streams
  • Rewriting history

The first class is now scheduled for European customers on June 29, 9am – 1pm, British Summer Time (GMT+1). We will have a DVCS training for North American customers in the weeks that follow. So sign up here and bring along your questions about DVCS. 

The class does assume that you are already familiar with Perforce Helix, so if you’re new to Helix, we also offer introductory courses. Check out our course schedule for details.

Any questions, just email training@perforce.com.