June 13, 2014

Defect Scribe Helps Segue Technologies Maintain Cost-Effective Quality Control

Helix ALM
Seapine customer Segue Technologies is a developer of innovative web, data, and mobile applications for government, commercial, and non-profit clients.Defect Scribe Segue blogger Nicole Pearson wrote a really great post that talks about how the company's Quality Control team uses exploratory testing with Defect Scribe to improve testing accuracy and efficiency. She concludes:
When clients balk at shrink testing budgets in proposals, some companies settle for an incomplete test plan because it will lower cost estimates while still satisfying minimal quality standards. However, all that really accomplishes is increasing the possibility of a buggy release. Combining exploratory testing and scripted testing can help fill the gap left by shrinking resources to keep your test effort strong and reduce the risk of defects in the release. The Quality Control team at Segue has found that using Defect Scribe helps to meet quality standards, while still remaining cost effective.
If you're curious about how to document your exploratory testing, head over to the Segue blog and read Pearson's entire article. She does a great job of breaking it down. And remember, Defect Scribe is now free for all TestTrack users.