August 22, 2011

One-Click Merging


Driving a car is a life skill that most of us have needed to learn. You need to know how to merge correctly or else accidents happen, especially if you don't look in your blind spot. So it is in collaborative software development, merging is unavoidable.


In the past, merging with P4V took multiple steps, the same as the command line interface. The re-factored 2011.1 P4V merge dialog (renamed from integrate) automates the merge process with one click. Assuming Perforce can safely merge the files, your merge will be committed. If there are conflicts in the merge, your changes are not committed and you're asked to resolve them manually. If you prefer, you can turn the auto submit option off.

Just like driving on the open road, when you know there's no one in your blind spot, feel free to safely auto merge and commit your changes with one click, especially if you know the changes you're pulling in have nothing to do with your current work.

Hope you try out the new merge, copy and branch dialogs available with P4V 2011.1, going to beta soon, and tell us what you think.