May 31, 2013

P4IdeaX Graduating Class of May 2013

Version Control

As recently promised, this is our first P4Ideax graduating class! If you aren't familiar with P4IdeaX it is an idea incubator where Perforce users can share ideas and comment and vote up other ideas that are important to them. The top ideas are then fed directly into the Perforce product management and development teams. A number of the ideas below were implemented solely because of their popularity on P4IdeaX.

This graduating class will likely be our largest because we have not cleaned up the implemented features since P4IdeaX was originally setup. Grab a beverage and settle in!

In no particular order the graduates are:

  • Be able to move a change to another branch (aka rebase) by "Legolas"
    This has been implemented in the 2013.1 server. Shelves can now be unshelved into other branches or streams.
  • p4ideax ideas need a status, e.g. marked as "done" or similar by Robert Cowham
    Ideas that are implemented are now removed from P4IdeaX and published here. At some point I hope to add a "Hall of Fame" where ideas that are implemented are permanently documented.
  • IPv6 for Perforce client and server by Kevin White
    This has been implemented in the 2013.1 server.
  • Encrypt perforce communication by nico
    This was implemented in the 2012.1 server using SSL encryption of the connection.
  • Add support for 'reconcile offline changes' to p4.exe by Geoff Evans
    This was implemented in the 2012.1 server via the 'p4 reconcile' command.
  • Increased Password Length by P4Brigid
    This was implemented in the 2011.1 server. Passwords can now be 1024 characters long.
  • Create recursive "p4 add" option by Robert Cowham
    This was implemented in the 2012.1 server via the 'p4 reconcile -a' command.
  • Sparse branching by P4Randy
    This was implemented in the 2013.1 server via task streams. Task streams can be used with both stream and non-stream depots.
  • Visual Studio Integration by P4AT
    P4VS shipped last June. If you haven't tried it yet go upgrade ASAP!
  • Add p4Ideax as a "Current" and tag to gather feedback by Mark Warren
    This current has been added so that feedback about P4IdeaX itself can be more easily gathered.
  • Use a git repository as a remote depot by Don Marti
    While not strictly speaking implemented as a remote depot, this is now possible using Git Fusion with Perforce.
  • .ignore support by Matt Attaway
    This was implemented in the 2012.1 server.
  • Git as client by scuttlemonkey
    Git can now be used with Perforce via Git Fusion.
  • Show Active Workspace Name In Window Title by Sdaniels
    This was implemented in the 2012.1 P4V.
  • Add a hotkey to P4V to resolve selected files by Geoff Evans
    Customizable hotkeys and the resolve hotkey option were added in the 2012.1 P4V.
  • Bash completion for p4 commands by Don Marti
    This wasn't implemented by us, but the Bash Completion community has added support for Perforce.
  • Add a command `p4 blame` similar to `git blame` by Alpha Bravo
    This was already an existing feature, we just call it 'p4 annotate'.

Thank you all for your ideas and your votes. If you have other thoughts burning away in your mind hop on over to and let 'em out!