August 12, 2011

Share your story on p4 blog

guest bloggerWhile Perforce is busy listening and striving to engage directly with users as much as possible, we also want to make sure the topics being discussed are "of interest" to our community at large. To that end, we would love to be able to serve as a platform for everyday users of Perforce like yourselves to share war stories from the trenches. Be it an amazing data conversion, a particularly clever script, or how to pass the Perforce Admin Exam…we want to hear it all!

Starting soon we will begin to share a weekly column right here on our blog of stories shared by users who face many of the same challenges you do. While our blogging platform is constantly evolving we do not yet have an automated method to our madness (yet!) so please feel free to email submissions to me ([email protected]) and I will make sure they are shared with the Perforce community.

We look forward to hearing from you!