December 14, 2010

Surround SCM: Mac OS X Launch Shortcut

Surround SCM
I'll come right out and say it, I'm a shortcut junkie. The more shortcuts I master, the more productive I become. This morning I realized that I needed a shortcut to launch the Surround SCM GUI. After a quick Google search I discovered that there are a lot of methods to do this, so I'm going to show you the one I found easiest. Start by opening up the Applications directory (Shift-Command-A) and launch  Automator. After the application opens, select "Service" as your workflow template. Add a "Launch Application" action, select "Surround SCM" as the application to launch (if Surround SCM is not in the list, choose "Other.." and navigate to it). Set the conditions of this service to receive "no input" and make it available to "any application". Now save and close Automator. Automator Launch Surround SCM Finally, you want to specify the shortcut. Open "System Preferences", click "Keyboard", select the "Keyboard Shortcuts" tab, and click "Services" in the left list box. In the right list box scroll to the bottom and locate your newly created service. Select the service and double-click on the right side to set your shortcut. That's it! Tip: Pick a shortcut that is unlikely to be used by another application. If you choose a conflicting shortcut (e.g., command-S), the Application that has focus may intercept it. I chose Control-Command-S to launch Surround SCM and Control-Command-T to launch TestTrack Pro.